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Light-weight (19lbs & 38lbs) collector designs.

Attractive “Skyline” horizontal collector design.

26 architectural collector trim colors.

Virtually unbreakable “Polygal” polycarbonate glazing with exclusive 10 year warranty (20 + year useful life).

SRCC “OG-300” Rated Skyline Systems 3 and 5.

100% “Run By the Sun” OG-300 Systems.

Makes installing collectors easier, much safer, and lower in cost. Also eliminates roof-load concerns.

This sleek design compliments every homes' ridgeline.

Customizable to your homes' roof or trim color scheme.

Safer and lighter than glass. "Kid Proof", no need to worry about breaking glass from rocks, etc...

Qualified Open and Closed Loop systems for State and Utility Rebates and Incentives.

Never be without hot water! No electric costs.
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